Winston the Cream Sheep

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Emma Paul
a perfect boy...

as soon as i saw winston i knew i had to get him because he is such a perfectly shaped little guy!! he is incredibly soft and squishy and i just love everything about him... tysm fluffnest for bringing this guy into my life! <3 whilst i love Winston as a name for him he also now goes as Lemon to match with my other squishy plush Zest :D

Tiffany Pham
Made My Twin’s Day

I bought Winston and Lucie. Very satisfied. I gave Winston to my twin. Very happy upon receiving said surprise.

asa mcduck
soft boy, perfect nap buddy

winston wiggled his way into the bed in the spare room where the naps happen without hesitation (and ALSO into my heart)
he is firm but highly huggable aka a perfect nap friend and i would give him the world

My 1 Year Old’s Favorite Plushie

My 1 year old son LOVES Winston. He takes him everywhere. This is his favorite thing. He is so adorable. And I love that he’s toddler safe. He doesn’t have button eyes. My son is rough with him and he is very durable.

× Jay ×
So cute :00

Just received Winston! He's SO CUTE! worth the wait definitely :) him and I have a long road ahead of us! :0