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Lovely, Adventurous Toby

Blanche, Edison, Bowie, Toby, and Tillie arrived today to accompany the beans! Once again they're of a lovely quality. I just about squealed with joy when I saw them. Would definitely recommend to anyone that loves plushies or cuteness. I am a very happy customer and will definitely be returning for more!

Very good! I love him💕

I adopted Toby the Cookie Cow! He came in a little later than I expected, but it’s all good! There is a hole on the back of his neck big enough to fit about two fingers through and one on his side that I can fit about half a finger in. Other than that he’s in good shape and already a part of my large stuffed animal family!

Krystina Bassett
Absolutely in love!

I absolutely love cows and have been looking for a really good cow plushie. Elliott (new name, reference from Stardew) is super cute and I’m in love with him. The extra hats he came with are so cute and I plan on making all of them.

My only negative I have is there was a small hole in the neck but I can sew that back closed myself and hopefully not notice it.

Layla T.
So squishy 😙✨

Toby is beautiful 😍 His fluffiness is perfect and he fits right in with the others. ☺️

He is adorable

He is my little airhead :') He is soft and big and of course, squishy. I take him with me during the day for errands and tasks, so that we could get lost at places together.. I'm a little scared to leave him alone but I know Tilly would have his back.