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So cute!

They are so cute and fluffy, if you're thinking about buying one, do it. They're super well made and so soft!!! Look at how cute and round this little dude is 🥰. I'm in love.

Anxiety Buddy

I was gifted Sakura Bean months ago when they were pre-ordered for me, and I've been in love with them ever since they arrived. They were packaged with love and care, and when I opened the box they popped right out. They're Soft, Round, Squishy and incredibly easy to Cuddle. Some reviews have mentioned that they're surprisingly squishier than Bean and therefore are easier to flatten out, but I don't think this takes away from them, it gives them character. It's easy to fluff them up and return them to their happier and rounder state, and you'll never get tired of hugging them. I've found that they can also withstand a lot, from pets to excessive cuddles, and they're easy to clean.

Sakura Bean is perfect for all ages, and they're a reliable buddy for anxiety sufferers like myself. I'm definitely going to be adding more PuffPals to my collection in the near future, and I would recommend purchasing Sakura Bean or any other Pals for yourself or as a gift for a loved one!

Here's a picture of them next to a 3oz and an 18oz candle for scale.
This is a 150/10 Friend🌿

Kat Angri

The moment I saw the Sakura Bean I had to have him! He is a perfect shade of pink and is so comfy and squishable, and huggable! My husband and I fight over him. He makes me smile, with his slanted eyes, and positive pink. It’s glorious. He is very soft and he has been comforting to me.

My little guy <3

He is so soft,, he is so sweet, he holds my whole heart in his little frog hands and is so careful with it <3

sleepy froggie :)))

Super soft, super squishy, super adorable :)) I love the way she looks and she is just precious. She got a home with Mabel!