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As I imagine!

I go everywhere (school to) even sleep with me. <3 very soft the fur. They been with me for the past 3 days and no problem with them would recommend to get them <2

Enma T.
a Very Good Boy

soft. round. huggable. perfect. he was an impulse purchase but the quality is so nice that i shall definitely be returning for more fluffnest friends in the future. looking forward to adopting friends for him C:

Danni P.
The Perfect "Grownup" Stuffy

I am a 31 year old woman. Bowie (Pippin) is the first stuffy I have owned as an adult and he is perfect. He helps me at work when I am feeling overwhelmed and has helped me stay on task immensely. He is huggable while still firm enough that I know he isn't going to deform if I rest my head on him. His fur is so soft and his design makes him look chic resting on my grownup bed.
The only problem is, my kids love Pippin too and try to steal him sometimes.

Laili G.
My little companion <3

He’s just as pictured!! I bought him when I was super depressed a month ago and I was just waaaiting to hug him. He had a journey. I sent him home to America because it was really expensive to send him to Israel but I picked him up from a family friend yesterday and I could not be happier!! I hugged him the whole bus ride here and now he’ll come with me everywhere I go on my journey through life and I can look back in it all through Instagram (thanks to my mom for that idea)! I can’t wait to see all the places we’ll go together - in Israel, college next year, and beyond!

Paulina Ramírez
My bf loved Bowie the Fox

My bf (19) loved receiving this for Christmas. He loves foxes and this was perfect. He said it was very soft and chunky. Only downside was that he came lopsided