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Hallie Beaty

I had originally ordered sir Bean along with Pickles (which is a PRE Order item), meaning they would have originally been sent together next year when Pickles is ready.

I contacted them to see if I could have the almighty Bean a little sooner, and a lovely lady/friend from Fluffnest got back to me by the next day. They were so helpful and kind. Best part is, my highness lord Bean arrived exactly 7 days later, and he is HUMBLING AND GRAND. He will claim his throne and he shall intimidate any evil doers that dare cross his path.

TLDR; Bean Good. Fluffnest Nice. I Buy More.

Absolutely Adorable! Squishy, Fluffy Love

Bean and Sakura Bean arrived today! From the moment I saw the box, I saw the care and attention the staff places on each order. Carefully packaged, they come chunky, squishy, and ready to party. As an avid plushie collector, I am happy to say the beans are of great quality! They are big, soft, and have this ultra cuddly stuffing. Shipping was very fast, and the customer service was extremely attentive and quick to reply. If you're thinking about getting some snuggle buddies, this is the place! I am so excited about them that I am receiving Tilly, Toby, Blanche, Bowie, and Edison later this week :) I hope my Puffpal family continues to grow, and hope yours does too!

Very First Puffpal

He will always be special to us as he is our first Puffpal. He is the one that pulled us into the world of Puffpals. I bought him for my 1 year old son and he loves playing with him. No button eyes. Very toddler safe. Out of all the Puffpal plushies I think Bean is the most toddler safe. He is very durable and can handle rough play. My son likes to pick him up and carry him by his eyes! Lol The white chest part has gotten dirty a few times but a wet rag easily cleans him up and he looks good as new again. Anyone getting into Puffpals definitely needs to get Bean. He is a must have for your collection. We love Bean so much we got him in the Big and Mega sizes as well.

bean fan

he's bean

little charm of joy ♡

I was able to get a free keychain thanks to David and his kind consideration of my request, and it arrived with my two other PuffPals. The Bean keychain is a good size, and seems to be filled with the same stuffing as the plushies. He also has a soft outer coat that is very nice to squish. I haven’t opened them yet, but there seems to be little hats also included, which is a very nice touch. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends and family, and will buy some more Pals in the future! I can’t wait to gift this, and I am sure the recipient will love him :)