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Bean is my best friend

I love hims he is a little squishy ball of happy

SO CUTE!!! But uh..

Bean is so fluffy and cute!! I got the 7โ€ size, and when I saw what it looked in person ngl I thought it wouldโ€™ve been a little bigger but thats not a big issue. I got 2 Beans in the same order, since 1 is meant for me and the other for my bestie. But I noticed that the stitching on one of them is a bit iffy in some places while the other one is fine. I donโ€™t wanna give my friend the not-so-greatly-stitched Bean, so Iโ€™m giving her the better plush while keeping the other one. Theyโ€™re both filled with lots of fluff, so their cute roundness is pleasing to the eyes. Would I recommended someone getting stuffed animals from here, especially if itโ€™s a gift? Yes! But Iโ€™d have to warn them about what I experienced with the slight stitching problem I received with one of them.

If the stitching is off on one of them then we will send you another! Send us an email at with these photos and we will send you another bean!

bean #1 fan

bean is amazing. he is soft and squishy and very fluffy and fits in well with all his froggy siblings. 20/10 would reccomend, if you wanna buy bean then do it :]

A sweet Bean

Bean is very happy in his new home. I keep him well fed and the only times he gets annoyed is when his plushie siblings bug him for froggie back rides. He thinks they are too heavy because I feed them too well.

A froggy must-have

Do you love frogs? Is frogcore an essential part of your life? Then this is the frog for you! Soon to be part of the virtual world (can't wait for Island Skies) you too can enjoy this soft plush frog in your habitat of a home. Retains fluffiness for maximum cuddles. Results may vary in extreme levels of joy and comfort. Enjoy at risk of falling in love with it.