📬💖 PuffPals: March Digest 💖📬

📬💖 PuffPals: March Digest 💖📬



📬💖 PuffPals: March Digest 💖📬

Hey Pals! 💘✨ Welcome to the March edition of our monthly newsletter! ✨💌


💻✨ ALPHA 1.3 ✨💻

Alpha 1.3 is out! 🎉 Updates to camera, controls & character customization, MacOS support & more! In this version, we wanted to show you a bit of the process we go through in testing the waters of new concepts, features, and improvements. This means you’re getting a closer look at our development process, so features will be in a more raw state! 💞


🔗 Read the full Alpha 1.3 update here.


📢 New Mac Users

With this update, you can play the Island Skies Alpha on Mac! Most of Alpha 1.3 is actively evolving. You're witnessing our development process firsthand, where features are rough around the edges. We invite you to join our Discord server and check our blog to stay updated and engaged with the community and development progress. We're so excited for you to join in on the Alpha fun!


🔔 Haven't Received Your Alpha Steam Key?

Fill out this form: https://forms.gle/bEYGKdfYVQi4zqdT6

Need help? Contact us at info@fluffnest.com


📚✨ DEV LOGS ✨📚

From designing fish and creating biomes, we’ve got some new dev logs that are packed with cool stuff and behind-the-scenes content! Click here to read! 😎




What We Did:

🖱️ Made interacting and navigating smoother (click to interact, quick inventory close)

🎥 Camera updates (FOV and movement adjustments)

🎶 Added extra sound effects and tweaked music/ambience volumes

🛠️ UX improvements (faster chat bubbles, smoother walking/running, quicker pop-ups)

🌾 Spruced up the game world with new props, interactive items

🔧 Fixed various bugs to make your experience smoother

💌 Added more messages in a bottle content

🥕 Veggie pets progression design

🔐 and more!


Alpha 1.3 Summary (Released February 21st):

📸 Camera and controls updates

🎨 Major character customization updates

🍏 MacOS support

📊 Feedback Integration

♻️ Refactoring

🛍️ First look at shop interiors

➡️ Read the full update here!


Stay Tuned For:

🎨 Planned Color Customization Improvements

💇‍♂️ Hair Customization Updates

🖥️ UI Enhancements



👀 Two new Pals made their debut during February! Introducing:



PRE-ORDERS are OPEN! This Limited Edition plush will be 10% off until pre-orders close! (we don’t know when that will be yet)


🌠 Long Sheng is as precious as the porcelain he is made from. Brimming with good fortune, Long Sheng hopes this luck will rub off on others around him. For what is fortune without loved ones to share it with?🤍 SHOP NOW!



Noot is here and PRE-ORDERS are OPEN! This plush will be 10% off until pre-orders close! (Pre-orders close March 30th!)


"The names Noot! Not that I am a newt... I'm definitely a turtle. Noot is just a cool name..."


Wait, are we sure he's a turtle? His shell looks kinda suspicious...

(✨Noot's shell is removable!✨)  SHOP NOW!



Noot is actually NOT a turtle, he's a newt disguised as one! Noot can be fully removed from his shell! Turtles' shells are part of their bodies and should not be attempted to be removed!



Now, without further ado, let's give a round of applause for our featured fan art! We loved these artworks from singkau, danimalee, jam_n_tea, and figi_!

Would you like the opportunity to have your PuffPals creations showcased in our next newsletter and Instagram Stories? Share your artwork in the #puffpals-fanart Discord channel. We’ll be featuring fanart from our Alpha Discord server every month! One featured artist will receive a $25 Fluffnest gift card! ✨🖼️💖



We appreciate you tuning into March’s newsletter! Don't forget to visit our website to catch up on our dev logs. See you next time! 🥳💖


Fluff and Love,

The Fluffnest Team


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