🎉 Alpha 1.3 is Here + Mac Now Supported 🎉

🎉 Alpha 1.3 is Here + Mac Now Supported 🎉



Hey Pals! Alpha 1.3 is here! We've dedicated a lot of time to reviewing your feedback from the initial testing period, and we're excited to share the first improvements with you! Thank you so much for dedicating time to share your thoughts and playtest Island Skies, it means the world to us! 💞


⚠️ All previous save files should be automatically deleted when you update to the new version! This is necessary to ensure compatibility with the update!

 - Stuck on an Infinite Loading Screen? Players may encounter a never-ending black loading screen upon launching the game after the update. This issue is typically related to outdated save files. If you run into this problem, you may need to manually delete your save files. For instructions on how to delete your old saves, click here!

Alpha 1.2 Testers: If your game is not automatically updating, please go to the Island Skies Alpha page on Steam, proceed to the Beta section, and choose "NONE".

For further assistance, please email info@fluffnest.com


🍄 What to Expect in Alpha 1.3

Alpha 1.3: We’ve decided to release this version of Alpha while most of the features are still actively being worked on! In this version, we wanted to show you a bit of the process we go through in testing the waters of new concepts, features, and improvements. This means you’re getting a closer look at our development process, where features may be introduced in a more raw state. (See the “Future Updates Preview” section for what’s left to do!)


This is in comparison to Alpha 1.0, where most features, while still rough around the edges, were at a good stopping place. To accomplish this, we planned production to line up stopping points for our main features, which is good to do periodically (Alpha 2.0 👀) to get a clear picture of the state of the project and what needs to be done, but can also be disruptive.


If players enjoy seeing the features while they’re being worked on, we might shift towards releasing more frequent, less polished, updates as the Alpha progresses! 👀


🌟 The Big Changes:

 🎥 Camera: Updates to camera system! Note: There are still some quirks, but we're eager to hear your thoughts! Note: Most of the changes made to Camera were done to the Free Camera which is a feature switched off by default. To enable this feature you must turn FREE CAMERA on in your camera settings. (See below screenshot)

🎮 Controls: Experimenting with new control schemes, especially around farming. Your feedback will be important for further enhancements!

🎨 Character Customization: Major updates to character customization. Please note, this feature is still a work in progress, and we're continuously looking to improve it based on your feedback.



Additional Updates:

📊 Feedback Integration: All of us are incredibly grateful for and impressed by your thoughtful feedback. Our game design documents are almost done being updated based on your feedback, and you’ll notice some of the first changes in this update! A huge thanks for your contributions! 🥺 (This is where most of our design team has spent their time! Implementing the planned changes will happen in the coming months, alongside new features!)

♻️ Refactoring: We’ve been doing some behind-the-scenes work to make the game more stable and more efficient to develop. (This is where most of the coding team has spent their time!

🍎 MacOS Support:  Starting with version 1.3, MacOS users can join in on the fun

🛍️ Shop Interiors: Get a sneak peek at some of the new shop interiors (Note: this is our first pass at the revised interiors! They haven’t gotten a visual polish pass yet, and some interactions are not yet implemented).

🎮 Gamepad Support Enhancements: Improved controller compatibility, including HUD, journal, crafting, and cooking interactions. We’re nowhere near where we want to be, but you’ll get a peek at some of the first moves we’re making here.

💻 UI/UX Improvements: Enhancements in UI/UX for smoother gameplay.

🎣 Fishing Updates: Fishing is a work in progress, but there are a few new gilled friends for you to discover!

🍄 New VFX & SFX: From crop readiness to waterfalls, we've added new visual and sound effects to enrich the gameplay, and improved audio balance throughout the game.

👀 Behind-the-Scenes Work: Preparations for multiplayer infrastructure, biome updates, pets, item processing, and more!



 🚧 Future Updates Preview 🚧 (COMING SOON, NOT IN THE GAME YET!!! 👁️)

Note: The following features are planned or in development, and will not appear in Alpha 1.3!


🎨 Planned Color Customization Improvements

‣ Color Presets for Eyes: We’re planning to introduce color presets to easily change eye colors without adjusting multiple colors.

‣ Organized Color Selection: We’re planning to update the hair and eye color selections for better organization.

‣ Streamlined Color Variation: UI update to make the color variation selection process more intuitive.


💇‍♂️ Hair Customization Updates

‣ Existing Hair Updates: Update of remaining hairs to match the quality of newly improved hairs.

‣ Updated Icons: Update of remaining hair icons for a more consistent look.

‣ Scroll Function: Implementation of a scroll function for easier navigation through hair and eye options.


🖥️ UI Enhancements

‣ Custom Color UI Placement: Change in the placement of saved custom color options for easier access.

‣ Improved Character Rotation: Enhancement of character rotation to correspond with mouse movement speed.

‣ Slider Increase: Increase in the minimum and maximum options for some sliders for better customization.

‣ Character Completion UI: Introduction of a more intuitive UI for “Finish Look” to streamline the completion process.

‣ Glasses: Addition of glasses to the initial character customization feature to expand customization options.

‣ More features and improvements TBA!


📝 How to Get the Update

Open up the game through Steam, and the update should start downloading automatically. Make sure you're connected to the internet! If it doesn't kick in right away, head over to the Island Skies Alpha Playtest page in your Steam Library and click on “update.” You'll know everything's set when you see "Alpha 1.3 testing. Do not share." on your screen. ✨


🔔 Haven't Received Your Alpha Steam Key?

‣ Fill out this form: https://forms.gle/bEYGKdfYVQi4zqdT6

‣ Need help? Contact us at info@fluffnest.com


📝 Feedback Wanted!

We highly encourage you to share your thoughts on Alpha 1.3.

Please fill out the Alpha 1.3 Feedback Survey: https://forms.gle/TfR8LqpsGU2tWMx18


Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to improve and expand the game. We can't wait to hear what you think! Happy testing! 💖✨


Fluff and Love,

The Fluffnest Team


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