Deleting your Save

Your PuffPals: Island Skies Alpha save file should automatically be deleted when you launch an updated or incompatible version of Alpha, but if you're still experiencing issues, you can follow these steps to manually delete your save file!


Go to [X]:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\ and delete the "PuffPals" folder.

NOTE: the AppData folder may be hidden! To see hidden folders, open the "view" menu in file explorer, and make sure "hidden items" is checked.

There is also a "hidden" option in the folder properties, we DO NOT RECOMMEND editing folder properties, as this could inadvertently hide sub-folders if done incorrectly.

Windows 10:

Windows 11:


Go to ~/Library/Application Support/ and delete the "PuffPals" folder.

NOTE: the Library folder may be hidden! To get to this folder, open finder, hold the option key in the "go" menu, and it will appear!