Our Roadmap

On this page, discover an outline of where we've been, and where we plan to go!

Before Kickstarter

Pre May 2022

The time before the Kickstarter was about exploring the core gameplay, developing a strong visual direction, and outlining the direction we wanted the storytelling to take.

  • Visual Direction Established

    One of the most important things to Lily and David was setting a strong visual direction.

    We didn't have consistent settings or specifications yet, but with the prototype scenes we were confident in the vision for the game's visuals.

  • Basic Mechanics Prototyped

    Before we launched our Kickstarter, we had rough prototypes for the following mechanics:

    • Farming (full growth cycle)
    • Basic NPC interaction & movement
    • Pets "follow" & picking
    • Foraging
    • Character customization
    • Decoration
  • Level Design Prototyped

    We made a series of prototype levels to test scale, navigability, and visual appeal, and we were very happy with the outcome.

    The levels were very rough around the edges (literally) but the core of the levels were working, and we found ourselves booting back into old prototype builds just to re-visit our favorite locations.

Features & Architecture

May – December 2022

This period didn't have a lot to look at, but there was a LOT going on behind the scenes! This is where we built the code architecture the game would be relying on, as well as the code for our core features!

  • Adding Features

    Thanks to our Kickstarter backers, we got to add some exciting features!

    • Cooking
    • Fishing (minimum viable product)

    We also continued to implement some features we already had planned:

    • Crafting
    • Inventory & storage
    • Friendship level
    • Quests
  • Improved Game Architecture

    When coding a large project, establishing a solid architecture is like laying the foundation for a house. And with the Kickstarter, we were planning to make some big additions to the house.

    During this step, we took time to make sure the architecture of the game was solid, and would facilitate quick development of future features and content!

  • Wireframes and UI

    One of the most important developments made during this phase was to UI! This is when Island Skies really started to feel like a game to us!

  • Art Processes

    As we expanded the team, we needed to establish clear procedures and guidelines to help organize and align art and asset production.

    This will make it way easier to bring on new artists, since most of the information they need will be there for them in our art documents. (We're excited to share some of this with you in the future!)

  • Ripping Out the Visuals

    To help development go fast, one of the first things we did was turn off a whole bunch of cosmetic settings and assets. It's useful for the developers to not need to worry about being precious about how things look to quickly iterate and make changes on the build.

    This was very painful for all the more visually minded members of the team.

Designing an Experience

January – July 2023

With the big pieces in place, this is where we deepened code for existing features, and really got into refining the flow of the core gameplay!

  • Locking Visual Target

    We had a whole range of visual settings for each scene we showed in the Kickstarter, but as we're starting to re-introduce some visual refinements (especially dynamic lighting for time of day and preparing for seasons and weather) it's important to make these settings consistent and airtight!

  • First Time Experience

    This is the time we're working on refining how we introduce players to the world of Island Skies. This includes the level design of the first spawn location, the initial progression of the mechanics, and the quests that help you learn the way the world works!

    We expect this to be one of the things testing is most important for, since we've gotten so used to the game, it'll be important to have an outside perspective!

  • Improving Features

    With the minimum version of the features we need for testing established, we began adding some improvements! We're not sure these will be featured in the first Alpha build, but they're an extra layer of spice that we're excited to see everyone's reaction to!

Preparing for Alpha

August – September 2023

This will be the last polishing steps to get the first round of Alpha ready for testing! The first Alpha round will focus ONLY on the core gameplay and first minutes of your Island Skies experience.

There will be content we have ready that won't be in the first Alpha, and content that will be in the first Alpha that isn't final, but organizing releases in this way will help keep your feedback and our team focused!

  • Content & Code Freeze

    NO MORE CHANGES (for now)!!! Just bug fixes for about a month! Meanwhile, the design and art teams will be working on some super exciting things for the items next up on the roadmap!

Additional Alpha Testing and Beyond!

As we go, we'll have additional rounds of Alpha where we continue to add exciting features and content to test! The pace and scope from release to release will depend heavily on the first tests.

During this phase, we'll focus on adding, refining, and deepening features, while adding the smallest possible amount of content. This way, if we need to make significant changes to features as we test, we won't need to re-do too many assets!

Early Access will be when the focus shifts primarily to expanding content!

  • Decoration

    Customizing your house and your farm is one of the features we're most excited about! And one of the features we expect to introduce the largest number of bugs.

  • Events

    Pal birthdays, holidays, festivals, and more! We want the Island Skies to be alive with new activities for all of you to enjoy!

  • Pets

    This was our favorite unlock from the Kickstarter! We're super excited for all the ways a veggie or mushroom pal could make your gameplay more exciting!

  • Minigames

    Have a tea party with your favorite PuffPals and enjoy new exciting ways to engage with the world and your PuffPal neighbors!

  • More Biomes

    It's important to test how progression and new biomes interact! Most of the game's content will come during early access, but there will be new areas to explore during Alpha too!

  • Deepening Features

    As we go, we'll be adding extra twists and ways you can interact with existing features that we hope will add a little bit of extra joy into every activity in the Island Skies!

  • Caves

    This one is new! We want to let players mine crystals and explore exciting subterranean environments free from the stress of fighting monsters.

  • Community

    As we test, we want to make the mechanics work together to make the Island Skies feel like a community you're building with the Pals in game!

  • Seasons

    We want seasons to change gameplay more than just changing colors! Each season should have a unique twist to how you spend your day in the Island Skies.

  • Player Professions

    Sell your wares as a player and become part of the PuffPals' community in a whole new way!

  • Weather

    We want weather to transform the Island Skies as much as it does the real world! Feel the warmth of a sunny afternoon and the thrill of a stormy night.

  • Content!!!

    Once the core of the features are fairly stable, we'll start adding a whole lot more content! Furniture, clothes, biomes, shops, and more will be coming in droves to the Island Skies!

  • Multiplayer

    The most anticipated features in the Island Skies! Don't let the position on the roadmap fool you, we've already started laying the groundwork for this, and expect to start testing during the Alpha period, but due to scale restrictions, it probably won't be available to the larger group until later!

  • Mobile

    Here is where we'll begin testing how Island Skies will exist on mobile!

    Since the platform is so different, it'll take a lot of testing to get everything just right! It won't be as easy as flipping a switch, but we should have a solid foundation to work from!

  • Switch

    It's not for sale anymore, but after the final game is released it'll be ported over to switch for more players to enjoy on their favorite platform!

  • More bug Fixing

    There will always be bugs to fix in the world of the island skies... Can you help us catch all of them? 👀