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Lily Smith
fixed my depression

best purchase of my life

Rebecca Weber

I ordered Mabel and Buster so my friend and I would each have a cow sibling and they are the most adorable plushies ever!!! Mabel is the perfect size to hug and a perfect shade of pink!!

the berry best !! 🐮🌸

oh gosh, where do i begin! although mabel was purchased for me through a friend as a birthday present, i figured i would come back and write a review considering how pleased i am with this absolute cutie. my mabel was bought before the change in stuffing, but that doesn't make her any less valuable or squishy! even though the newer version are much more soft, my mabel continues to exceed my expectations every time i need a plush hug or cuddle. she's my favorite of all of my puffpals and probably always will be! i even managed to snag a mabel keychain to go with my regular-sized gal <3 much love to fluffnest for their precious creations! if you're considering purchasing from them, i highly suggest that you cave in and do it! >:)

Lauren Nguyen
I Love Mabel <3

Where do I begin? I got the big Mabel as a gift and instantly fell in love. She's the cutest plush I've ever gotten and I squeal every time I see her. I love her so much much that I bought the keychain version so that I can have her on my purse everywhere I go. She's soft, plush, and just so well made. Thank you fluff nest for making my most favorite plush ever!

Liani Torres
In love!

shes so cute and soft and perfect for cuddles. her material is perfect for petting and loving. The big one is huge! so if you don't have a bunch of space go with the medium