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OMG! Love Him

Me and my 1 year old son love him. He is so soft. We have cats and dogs and his fabric does not attract pet hair. His beak is a little heavy and he will fall over if not posed right but it’s no problem. My son loves to play with Bobo and Winston together and pretend they’re best friends.

Absolute babe

The heart on his beak, the lack of feet, the egg-shape, he’s the cutest little thing!!!!!! Instantly going on my work back, may get the big version when back in stock <3

Lorin Pemberton
Bobo is love. Bobo is life.

In all seriousness, this is one of my new favorite plushies. Bigger than I thought he would be, super soft, and perfectly squishable! Bobo is now a meme in one of my discord groups. Everyone loves Bobo!

Wren De Haan
bobo is a bird of extreme grace and power

i love him with all my heart. he is hug shaped (good shape for hugging). perfect boy with delicate and luxurious soft fabric and a personality greater than any human i've met. he improves my day by a lot and is big and strong to hold my head if im on my stomach. he lifts my head AND my spirits. 10/10 bobo deserves the world and i plan to give it to him.

Reese Wolfe
Best plush I have ever bought

At first I was skeptic due to the price of this plush, but when it arrived I was so happy to find that it was worth every penny. The plush it’s self is very squishy and incredibly soft! I am absolutely buying another. (Ps I renamed my toucan to TacoBell.)