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Liv Marlen
Absolutely perfect! 10/10

I got my Blanche two days ago, I cuddled with her the whole night. She is perfect. So so perfect, friend shaped, hug sized, amazing!
She is with me everywhere I can take her, everyone loves her and she brings me great joy.
Since I live in Europe the shipping is expensive, but when I will definitely consider buying more when I have the money! <3

Liv Marlen
Just fantastic

I got my Blanche yesterday, cuddled with her the whole night. So big and soft, just perfect. Even better than expected! Friend shaped and hug sized 10/10<3

Amelia Myers

Blanche is the cutest! Ironically I have a chicken named Blanche who is very similar-looking to Blanche the PuffPal.

I absolutely love Blanche, she is my favorite buddy to cuddle with at night. Definitely makes me want to buy more. I really wish there was a bigger size, I would 100% buy it!!

Blanche is very soft and fluffy, came very fast and was packaged with attention and care. I love that her comb is the shape of a heart <3

Jenna Rizzo
Hope Dominator Doesn't Notice!

My chicken came to my door screaming for help about her planet being destroyed, she likes it here, and I can't tell Lord Dominator that she's here and too squeamish about her!

In love with my PuffPal family!

Blanche, Edison, Bowie, Toby, and Tillie arrived today to accompany the beans! Once again they're of a lovely quality. I just about squealed with joy when I saw them. Would definitely recommend to anyone that loves plushies or cuteness. I am a very happy customer and will definitely be returning for more!