📬🍂 PuffPals: September Digest 🍂📬

📬🍂 PuffPals: September Digest 🍂📬

📬🍂 PuffPals: September Digest 🍂📬

Hey Pals! ☁️🥰✨

Welcome to the September edition of our monthly newsletter! ✨💌


The FIRST PuffPals: Island Skies Alpha test will begin OCTOBER 31st! 🎃🥳

Make sure to keep up with our dev logs, emails, and Kickstarter for any upcoming updates about the Alpha test. We cannot wait to see you explore the Island Skies! 😊

⭐ For more information, read our full post about the upcoming Alpha test here.


📚✨ DEV LOGS ✨📚

As always, we’ve posted several dev logs that you should totally check out! 😎 From exploring and foraging to game design and fishing, this month’s dev logs are jam packed with awesome content! Don’t miss out- click here to read!




This month our devs…

📝 Tested FTUE 

🐟 Updated fishing VFX and foliage models (David couldn’t help himself and made new trees again)

🎮 Implemented new UI features 

🌱 Balanced crop growth and spawn rates

🎶 Integrated SFX and music edits

🐔 Fixed the bugs that got into Blanche’s fridge…


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Now, without further ado, let's reveal the featured September fan art! We could not get enough of this artwork from Valvria, haninininininin, and @codys_doodles! (Left to Right)

Would you like the opportunity to have your PuffPals creations showcased in our upcoming October newsletter? Share your artwork in the #puffpals-fanart Discord channel. If you're not a member of the Alpha Discord server, don't worry! You can tag us in your fanart on social media! ✨🖼️💖


That's a wrap, everyone! We appreciate you tuning into this September’s newsletter! Don't forget to visit our website to catch up on our dev logs. See you next time! 🥳💖

Fluff and Love,

The Fluffnest Team


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