📬🌸🌾 June Digest 🌾🌸📬

📬🌸🌾 June Digest 🌾🌸📬



Hi! We hope you've had an absolutely fantastic June! ☁️🥰✨


Welcome to the FIRST edition of our monthly newsletter! We're kickstarting a brand-new series called PuffPals: Monthly Digest! From updates on PuffPals: Island Skies game development to the latest Fluffnest news, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the past month! Let's dive right in, shall we? ✨💌



Alpha testing is still on track for late this summer (August-September)! Oh, and that's not all! We'll be opening up pre-orders again soon! If you or a friend missed out on alpha access, there will be another opportunity to jump right into the fun and excitement! 🥳💖



This month, we revamped the Fluffnest.games website!! 🥳 Along with the new design, we have also released a roadmap, where you can check out our current game development progress and future goals! You can also find PuffPals: Island Skies dev logs, which will take you behind the scenes, offering an exclusive glimpse into the game!


🌿💖 DEV LOGS 💖🌿

From modeling and animation to Island Skies alpha testing updates, we've got you covered in June’s collection of dev logs! Click below to read more into these topics! Is there something else that you want to know more about? Make a suggestion and stay tuned for more fun in future dev logs! 😊📖📬



If you’re on the Island Skies Alpha Discord server, we hosted some dev streams! We had server-wide streams on alpha testing and the game's roadmap, plus two exclusive streams for our Helpful Pal tier backers and up. If you missed out, check the Discord server for updates and recordings, and stay tuned for more streams in July! If you aren’t in our Discord server yet, be sure to grab alpha access on our website in the near future to join the fun! 🥰💞



This month our devs…

☀️ Polished time of day transitions

⚙️ Started to implement polished UI

📝 Imported balance of core features

🧩 Implemented level design improvements

📜 Released 2nd batch of quest implementation

🐞 Debugged character customization features



Attention all Kickstarter backers! The super-secret, super-fun shop for our backers is OPEN for business! Kickstarter exclusive plushies and digital goodies are available! All physical goods are limited in quantities and will not be restocked, so act fast!! Check your emails to find the secret shop invitation and instructions. We have sent the email to the address linked to your Kickstarter pledge. Email us at info@fluffnest.com if you no longer have access to this email, and we'll make sure you receive the invitation to the shop!

Shop the Secret Shop!



Introducing Parker the Pigeon! Head empty, no thoughts, apart from a few paranoid conspiracy theories... Parker is the newest addition to the Fluffnest plush collection!


We can't wait to have him join you! Act quickly, as pre-orders for this cute feathered friend are only open for another week! 💛🥚 On another note, would you like Parker as your neighbor in PuffPals: Island Skies? 👀😉

Shop Parker the Pigeon!



A huge round of applause for all you talented artists out there who've been flooding our Alpha Discord server with amazing PuffPals fanart! 👏 We hope to showcase a few of your masterpieces in each of our monthly newsletters! So, without further ado, let's unveil the star artists of this month's edition! Get ready to be amazed by the stunning artwork of gelatinousjelly, DetectiveWaffles, and Figi(Sakshi)



We want YOU to be a part of the action too! So, don't forget to share your PuffPals creations in the #puffpals-fanart Discord channel for a shot at being featured in our July newsletter! If you’re not in the Alpha Discord server, please tag us in your fanart on social media! Get your brushes, pens, and pixels ready, and let your imagination run free! ✨🖼️💖


You've reached the end of this month's newsletter! Thank you for being a part of the Fluffnest community. Don't forget to hop on over to the Fluffnest.games website to read our dev logs for more insight into PuffPals: Island Skies! Stay connected with us on social media too for more updates! 🥳💖

Fluff and Love,

The Fluffnest Team


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