📬☀️ August Digest ☀️📬

📬☀️ August Digest ☀️📬


Hi there! ☁️🥰✨

Welcome to the August edition of our monthly newsletter! ✨💌



We've been hard at work this month, and we're excited to share what we've been up to. In our August dev logs, we talked about pets, character customization and clothing design, and farming! We also showed off some clothing designs and a cute mushroom house! Click the link below to read and see more! 💌

Read our Dev Logs!


This month our devs…

🎨 Introduced new UI visuals
💦 Tested new splash screen 
🐟 Updated fishing gameplay loop 
🗺️ Implemented early game quests edits 
🎒 Balanced inventory system 
🎶 Integrated key music in biomes 
👶 Fixed the big baby bug… (if you know you know)



Two new PuffPals have made a splash!

Here’s what our website says about Lana and Ray:

Lana's never shy about sharing her truest feelings and wears her heart on her sleeve. She can be clumsy at times and not always the most knowledgeable, but she makes up for it with pure charisma!
Ray has big dreams, ones he would do anything to achieve. Growing up with his sister Lana, these two were never short on grand visions of adventure. No one is quite sure what exactly he's chasing, but you can tell just from the look in his eye, nothing is impossible to Ray!

Reserve Your Axolotls!

Pre-orders for the axolotls close on 9/8 at 11am PST, be sure to reserve yours before then! (Ray is LIMITED EDITION!)



Alpha testing is almost here! In preparation, pledges are back open! This is the last chance to join our first Alpha Test and help make Island Skies a bigger, better game! Exclusive Lucie outfits are also available! Check out the store page through the link below! 🥳

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Drum roll please! This month we are excited to share some AMAZING fanart from our Discord server! Check out this jaw-dropping artwork from impishEvil, Oz, and kripikendo!

(Left to Right: impishEvil, Oz, and kripikendo)

Want a chance for us to feature your PuffPals creations in our upcoming September newsletter?! Share your artwork in the #puffpals-fanart Discord channel. And if you're not part of the Alpha Discord server, no worries! Just tag us in your fanart on social media! ✨🖼️💖


That’s all folks! Thanks for tuning into this month’s newsletter! Be sure to check our website for dev blogs! See ya next time! 🥳💖


Fluff and Love,

The Fluffnest Team


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