💡🧵 Clothing Design Process with Isaky 🧵💡

💡🧵 Clothing Design Process with Isaky 🧵💡


Hey friends! 😊💖

Are you ready to dress your character with the most adorable clothing? Brace yourself for this week's dev log, as we chat with our skilled artist Isaky! 🤩 Let’s get into the process behind clothing design! Before we dive in, we want to reiterate that everything you see in this post is subject to change and may not be in the final game!

✏️✨ Inspiration ✨✏️

When it comes to the clothing style of PuffPals: Island Skies, the inspiration flows from a diverse array of sources. Lily, our founder, has a specific vision behind the game's clothing, and draws inspiration from various Japanese clothing styles that harmonize with the game’s creative direction. Isaky, one of our talented artists, tells us that she infuses her designs with the pulse of current fashion trends. Her process involves immersing herself in popular clothing websites and watching fashion-related YouTube videos to gather inspiration for ideas! 🥰


🕹️⭐ What to Expect ⭐🕹️

We want the wardrobe in PuffPals: Island Skies to be a vibrant collection of fashion choices. From hats to accessories, shirts to bottoms, jackets to dresses, costumes to shoes, the game will offer an extensive range of clothing options. Although the alpha testing phase will only provide a glimpse of this, we have big plans for the future (we can’t wait for you to see)! The objective to us is clear: cater to a diverse audience, offering both basic and intricately detailed clothing pieces! 💖

🎨💚 Artistic Process 💚🎨

The journey of creating a new outfit or clothing piece starts with a prompt or theme. Sometimes these themes are broad, while at other times, they're more specific. For Isaky, the first step is completing research about the theme, fully immersing herself in its meaning and essence. From there, she gathers references to help guide her direction. Once Isaky has gathered enough references, she starts the journey of transformation. With her research and references in mind, she turns these influences into concept art! Isaky keeps the original prompt or theme in mind as she breathes life into her designs, and her fearlessness in experimenting adds an exciting flair to every piece of art she makes! ✨

🧵💖 3D Modeling 💖🧵

The transition from concept art to tangible 3D models is an exciting phase that transforms concepts into reality. Specific details need to be adjusted and sometimes simplified to ensure the clothing functions seamlessly within the game's framework!

🎉👥 Collaboration 👥🎉

We are hopeful that the collaborative efforts of creative minds like Isaky and the rest of the team at Fluffnest will result in a virtual wardrobe that you will love! You are at the heart of our design process and we hope that you will enjoy what we have in store! Be sure to check out last week’s dev log where we talked about character customization!

Show us your character outfit ideas using the template below! ⬇️🎨

Fluff and Love,

The Fluffnest Team


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