👾🐣 Animation in Island Skies 🐣👾

👾🐣 Animation in Island Skies 🐣👾


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When it comes to animation in PuffPals: Island Skies, our main focus is to infuse our pals and characters with vibrant personalities, making them appealing and creating a truly interactive experience for players. Join us as we take you behind the scenes and reveal the secrets to breathing life into the Island Skies! ✨😊

🎮💫 The Magic of Animation 💫🎮 

We believe that animations should not only be efficient for production but also satisfying for the players. We want our animations to capture the same satisfaction as Mario’s jump or Link’s spin attack! Our process starts with understanding the needs of each action and shooting reference videos to capture the essence of the movement. From there, we go through a meticulous blocking stage, gather valuable feedback, then complete final polishing! 🕹️🥳

💓🦴 Character Rigging 🦴💓

To transform our static 3D models into dynamic animations, we need to define how they move in space. This is where the intricate art of rigging comes in. You can think of rigging as adding a skeleton to a model. The bones and joints control how the model can bend and twist (and more). A rig is one of the animator’s key tools. A well made rig can either make the animation process a satisfying breeze, or a wildly frustrating boondoggle. 


Our animator and rigger work closely together to meticulously design and implement the necessary bones and controls to bring our PuffPals to life. Each character requires a unique rig, tailored to their individual needs. From tails and wings to removable hats (like on Helios and Bill), every detail is carefully considered. For example, Coco's cute tail sway requires multiple bones, while Pete's tail needs fewer. Winston, our winged friend, doesn't require a tail for support; instead, he relies on his wings to express emotions. Rigging plays a crucial role in enabling our PuffPals to navigate the Island Skies, inching like worms or soaring through the skies like dragons. 🐉💫

😛🌀 Embracing Flexibility and Cheeky Perspectives 🌀😛

Sometimes we have to embrace flexibility and use unconventional solutions during animation. For the PuffPals: Island Skies Kickstarter trailer, we wanted to show the player pulling Carl out of the carrot patch. We didn’t have Carl’s rig at the time, so we incorporated the player rig inside Carl's model to achieve the desired effect. During the process, we did end up with a hilarious shot of the player character pulling a mini player out of the ground. Being open to innovative solutions adds a playful touch to our animations (and keeps the game devs entertained behind-the-scenes 😂)!

⭐🐔 Infusing Personality 🐔⭐

Our goal is for personality to shine through in every animation! Take Bean, for example, who (at his core) is a bouncing, squishy ball. Through pencil tests and experimentation, we discovered the perfect axis for his bouncy movements, bringing out his playful nature. On the other hand, Blanche's walk emphasizes her sense of purpose and urgency. We aim to incorporate emotions into each character's animations, conveying their distinctive traits. From Edison’s energy to Buttons’ charm, we hope you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of each Pal’s personality through their animation! 🐻💚

🐸💘 Bringing Joy 💘🐸

In PuffPals: Island Skies, our ultimate aim is to let the personality of our Pals shine with animation, creating an interactive experience that entertains and satisfies players. Through our meticulous process, innovative solutions, and attention to detail, we want to deliver animations that not only enhance production efficiency but also bring joy to players (YOU!). ✨😊


Which PuffPal do you want to see animated next? 🗣️


Fluff and Love,


The Fluffnest Team

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