🥕🐱 Pets in PuffPals: Island Skies 🐱🥕

🥕🐱 Pets in PuffPals: Island Skies 🐱🥕




In today’s blog post, we’re going to talk about what you can expect from pets in PuffPals: Island Skies. While not a feature currently planned for our first Alpha, we’re just as eager as you are to talk about it! We’ll be discussing the differences between Pets and Pals and how we want specific features and interactions with pets to work! Are you excited?? Let’s dive in! 🥳

🤔🦝 Pets VS Pals 🦝🤔

In PuffPals: Island Skies, "Pets" and "Pals" are two distinct features that add unique dynamics to the gameplay. The primary difference lies in their communication and behavior. While Pets are adorable and loyal companions, they don't talk, making them similar to the real-life bond between humans and their furry friends. They'll follow us around like a devoted dog or a playful cat, providing companionship and support during our adventures. On the other hand, "Pals" are more like sentient beings, resembling "people" in the game world. Pals possess the ability to communicate with us, enriching the gameplay experience with interactions, quests, and engaging conversations. Whether you prefer the heartwarming company of a non-verbal but affectionate Pet or the engaging and talkative presence of a Pal, our game offers a diverse and captivating mix of companions to enhance your gaming experience! 😊

🌿🍄 How to get Pets 🍄🌿

We know that we want obtaining pets in our game to be an exciting and possibly varied experience, offering players multiple ways to acquire these companions. While the Kickstarter trailer showcased one instance of a player pulling Carl the Carrot pet out of a garden bed, maybe that won't be the sole method to acquire pets! Our development team is exploring a mix of approaches to bring pets to you. Maybe you’ll stumble upon them in the wild, forming unexpected bonds with unique creatures you encounter during your adventures. Additionally, there could be opportunities to purchase pets from specialized vendors, offering a diverse selection to choose from. As this is a feature that won’t be available in our first Alpha, our team is still exploring all options to make Pets a great feature in our game! Beyond these possibilities, we're considering other intriguing mechanics to ensure that getting pets remains an enjoyable and engaging aspect of the game. Stay tuned, as we're eagerly looking forward to sharing more information about this exciting feature in the future! 👀

🍅🥕 Multiple Pets 🥕🍅

Many of you asked if you could have MULTIPLE pets in Island Skies. It is in our long-term plans to make it so players can nurture and care for more than one pet, creating a bond with each unique companion. To accommodate this, the idea of a pet house or pet pen is being explored, providing a cozy and secure space for your pets to reside. With a variety of pets at your side, each possessing their own endearing traits and personalities, we want to make the possibilities for memorable interactions and gameplay experiences boundless! 🍄

😊💖 Taking Care of your Pets 💖😊

We understand the importance of nurturing and taking care of your beloved companions, and we're hoping to introduce mechanics that reflect this connection. Don’t worry- we won't implement a system where pets pass away or disappear if not cared for, as we want players to focus on the joy of pet ownership without anxiety or stress. While we aim for pets to be independent to some extent, we also want you to experience caring for them and engaging in cute interactions. Our goal is for each pet to have its own distinctive personality, giving rise to diverse behaviors that will make your bond all the more special. And we’ve heard your requests… we're definitely considering the possibility of allowing players to pet or hug their companions—making the interactions with your pets even more heartwarming and of course, CUTE! 🐾

⭐🌸 The End 🌸⭐

Our main goal with pets is to strike a perfect balance of features to ensure that you have a heartwarming and enjoyable experience! As always, your feedback is eagerly awaited and will play a huge role in shaping this mechanic! We hope that you’re even more excited for pets in PuffPals: Island Skies after reading this post!! 😊✨


What kind of pets do you want to see in Island Skies? 🍓🐶


Fluff and Love,

The Fluffnest Team


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