🎉🌞 What to Expect for Alpha 🌞🎉

🎉🌞 What to Expect for Alpha 🌞🎉


Hey! 👀

With alpha right around the corner, we’re excited to share a bit more about PuffPals: Island Skies ALPHA TESTING! 👏 We know you've all been eagerly waiting for news, so here's a brief overview of what you can expect in this early phase of the game. 🤩

🐸⭐ What to Expect ⭐🐸

 During the alpha testing phase, it's important to note that it is not the final product. The primary goal of Alpha testing is to gather valuable feedback from our dedicated community members to help make gameplay as good as it can be. 


During Alpha testing, we will carefully select features and content to help us iterate on the game’s core elements. We will start with a narrow scope and gradually expand to best identify issues and gather focused feedback. During this first round of alpha, we will focus on the tutorial, first minutes of gameplay, farming, foraging, and quests to establish a solid foundation. Later, we plan to introduce features like decoration, seasons, and events, which players will engage with as they progress in their Island Skies journey. Exciting additions like these along with a broader range of content will be gradually rolled out in future alpha releases!


While some features may be limited or unavailable, and some of your favorite Pals won’t be there quite yet, we hope this will be an exciting opportunity for you to get a sneak peek into the world of PuffPals, and have an important voice in shaping the future of the game! 😊✨

🌼📝 Community Feedback 📝🌼

 While you can't stream or share your alpha experience publicly, we encourage you to let us know what you think! Community feedback is crucial to us, as it helps shape the game and ensures that we deliver a final product that YOU love!


As we finalize the Alpha build, we’ll be putting together surveys and channels to efficiently process and understand player feedback! If you’ve joined the Alpha group, expect more detailed information on how to submit feedback as we get closer to testing!

💖🏝️ How to Access Alpha 🏝️💖

 Wondering how you can access the alpha version? You can now preorder alpha access on our website! By doing so, you'll secure your spot in the alpha testing phase and gain exclusive access to this exciting early build! If you’ve already ordered alpha access, keep an eye on the Alpha Discord server and your emails! We’ll be sending out detailed instructions closer to testing! 🥰

💫🕹️ When Can You Play 🕹️💫

 Now, you must be wondering when you can dive into the alpha testing. The testing phase is still on track for the end of this summer (late August-September)! Stay up to date through the Alpha Discord server, social media, and our website. Be sure that you’ve filled out your survey to get into the Discord server if you haven’t already! We can't wait to hear your thoughts and see you exploring the skies later this summer! ☀️🤩


Fluff and Love,


The Fluffnest Team


P.S What’s Your Island Skies Name? 👀⬇️


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