🌳🏗️ Redesigning the Town Center 🏗️🌳

🌳🏗️ Redesigning the Town Center 🏗️🌳


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In today's dev log, we'll take you on a journey through the evolution of the Town Center – the central hub of Island Skies. Learn about the early concepts, the challenges faced during redesign, and how we arrived at the revamped Town Center! 💖


✨🏡 What is the Town Center 🏡✨

The Town Center in Island Skies is more than just a location; it's the heart of the community. Here you will mingle with pals, attend exciting events, shop for unique items, and immerse yourself in the Island Skies scene. Its significance in daily life makes it a central piece of the Island Skies experience. 🛍️🥰


🌷🎨 Early Ideations 🎨🌷

When designing the original Town Center, our team explored various early concepts. We fell in love with the idea of a layered look, where buildings seamlessly blend into the environment. 


🌱🏡 Original Town Center 🏡🌱

The original Town Center had its charms, but it lacked the level design necessary to provide a non-confusing experience. During these early stages, we realized that this version of the Town Center was not efficient for gameplay. This version did not invoke the feelings we were going for either. It was evident that we needed to make some changes, so it was time for a redesign!


🚧📝 Redesign 📝🚧

The Town Center's redesign was a challenge we eagerly accepted. Our primary concerns included communicating our vision effectively to the level design team and ensuring that the buildings integrated seamlessly with the environment. We wanted to eliminate any sense of anxiety and promote unity and roundness for a more immersive Town Center. Our team of artists put together several concepts for us to work with. Through various rounds of brainstorming, concepts, and revisions… we finally landed on a new Town Center design! 🥳


✨🏫 Revamped Town Center 🏫✨

The revamped Town Center is a culmination of hard work and creative vision. While it will have the same shops from the Kickstarter trailer, you can expect some exciting additions. The major transformation is in the level design, creating a cozier and more unified atmosphere. Our goal is to provide an experience that invites you to explore, socialize, and immerse yourself in the Island Skies world. 

Fluff and Love,

The Fluffnest Team


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