✨🗺️ Let’s Talk BIOMES 🗺️✨

✨🗺️ Let’s Talk BIOMES 🗺️✨



Hey there fellow adventurers!! 😍🌱 In today’s dev log, we’ll talk through Island Skies biome creation and answer some general questions about biomes! 🏞️✨


🌿🌟 Seeds of Inspiration 🌟🌿

How do we select biome themes and ideas for Island Skies? Our biomes are chosen thoughtfully, each one designed to enhance the game's world. Whether it's the crystals of a cave biome or the snow in an arctic landscape, each biome serves a purpose!


Sometimes, a biome idea emerges from the necessity of accommodating a new game mechanic. For instance, when we decided to introduce crystals into the world, we initially considered scattering them across the landscape for players to forage. However, it didn’t feel right, and instead we envisioned players mining these crystals with a new tool. This realization led to the creation of a new type of biome: caves! 🥳


Pals can influence biome creation, too! With characters like Pebble the Penguin and Randy the Reindeer suited for cold, snowy environments, it made sense that an arctic biome could work well in our game! ❄️ For Pals like Pickles and Bobo, it made sense to have them in a jungle environment, which would be a very unique and exciting biome to explore!


In essence, our approach to creating anything in our game, including biomes, revolves around accommodating our characters, narrative, worldbuilding and community! 🥰


🌿🌺 Balancing Reality and Fantasy 🌺🌿

A satisfying balance between realism and fantasy is what we aim for when creating biomes for Island Skies! Our goal is to transport players to a world full of wonder and whimsy, all while staying grounded in elements of reality. We try to think about every aspect of our biome and how they can evoke a sense of awe and playfulness. 🌼🦋


💬 Now for some common questions! ✨


Q: Will there be quests or activities unique to each biome?

A: Absolutely! We're designing these quests to stand out as their own narrative, almost like mini-stories within each biome! 💖


Q: Can we expect a sequential quest line guiding us through the biomes?

A: This is something we'll be exploring during the Alpha phase. Our goal is a seamless and gratifying player experience, where there's always something to engage with and progress through, regardless of where you are! 🗺️


Q: Are there any planned events that could impact the biomes?

A: “I won’t say… but I can’t wait for you to experience it.” -Jenn 🤐


💚👀 What’s Next  👀💚

As we progress through game development, we're excited to continue creating and refining biomes. Each biome is special to us and we're dedicated to infusing our world with depth and imagination. Whether improving existing landscapes or thinking about new frontiers, we want to immerse players in evolving environments filled with wonder! 🌿✨


Think you know your BFF? 👀 Which biome would they choose? Send this quiz to your BFF and see if they can guess which biome you’d pick! ✨⬇️


Fluff and Love,

The Fluffnest Team


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