☁️🎣 Skyfishing 🎣☁️

☁️🎣 Skyfishing 🎣☁️



Hi Pals! 😊 Welcome back to another ✨ dev log ✨! This week we’ll be chatting about skyfishing in PuffPals: Island Skies! 🎣


🌤️🎈 Hooked on a Dream 🎈🌤️

The concept of skyfishing wasn't in our original game plan, emerging as a "what-if" from one of our developers early on. It went from a cool thought to something a senior dev really pushed for. The devs had priorities that they were always attuned to, but they kept skyfishing as this blue-sky dream mechanic they really wanted to test out– until finally they had the time to share it! The mechanic spawned from the question, "Hey, we've got all this sky in our game, why not do something unique with it?" That's how skyfishing came to be—a concept developed on the down-low until it was ready to wow everyone, kind of like our unexpected favorite fish, Breadie! 🌌🐠


🌀🪂 Fishing with a Twist 🪂🌀

What is skyfishing? It’s exactly what it sounds like: fishing from the sky! In PuffPals: Island Skies, players can find special fishing spots on the edges of biomes. You can cast your line into these fishing spots and bam! You’re skyfishing! 🎣☁️


✨🐟 Where to Skyfish 🐟✨

We debated whether you should be able to fish anywhere in the sky or if certain areas should be special. This led us to come up with creative ways to direct players to these special fishing spots. When designing anything for our game, we always try to make sure it fits with the peaceful yet adventurous feel of the Island Skies! In the current Alpha build, you may notice that skyfishing spots are marked with pink clouds. What do you think, do they fit in with the rest of the world? 🤔 Check out an earlier concept of a skyfishing spot in the image below! 🎏


🧐 Now for some common questions:


Q: Is there space for this feature to grow? Will we see more from sky fishing in the future?

A: Like most everything in our game, there's always room for growth! A lot of concepts for this mechanic got shelved for the sake of time during early development, which we’re excited to revisit and explore further!


Q: Are there unique skyfish that come with skyfishing? 

A: We haven’t designed fish with ONLY skyfishing in mind… but maybe we will! 😏


Q: Will skyfishing look different in each biome?

A: While it doesn’t right now, this is something that could change! What do you think? 👀


Q: Does Bill know about this? 👁️

A: Not sure yet! There's lots of fun stuff we can explore with integrating it narratively– especially with characters like Bill who love fishing!


🌟💫 The Sky's Not the Limit 💫🌟

Jenn got super excited about skyfishing and went back to look at some of our early ideas to see if we could add them in later. Skyfishing, like the rest of our game, is a work in progress and is subject to change! We're super excited to show you what's next, but we're keeping secrets for a little longer! 🤫✨ Skyfishing is just one part of what we're planning for Island Skies. We're alway trying to think of new ways to make the game even better, and we're excited to see where we go with skyfishing next! 🎢🐦


What do you think about skyfishing? Got any cool ideas or stories about your skyfishing adventures? Share them with us! 📝✨

Fluff and Love,

The Fluffnest Team


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