⏰❄️ Time and Seasons ❄️⏰

⏰❄️ Time and Seasons ❄️⏰


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Get ready to learn about the concept of time and explore the transition of seasons in PuffPals: Island Skies! In this dev log, we'll talk about time, seasons, weather, and exciting events! Grab your coats and umbrellas as we get into it! ❄️☔

⌛😊 Time in PuffPals: Island Skies 😊⌛

In PuffPals: Island Skies, we want time to be an essential element of gameplay. The game will evolve with the passage of time, showcasing day-night cycles, weather variations, and seasonal changes. The speed at which days and seasons transition will heavily rely on valuable input from alpha testing. We will look at the duration of an average play session, the time it takes players to work through a satisfying amount of gameplay, and a wide range of other factors to identify the best pace for players as we test content and features! 👀✨

💖☀️ Seasons in PuffPals: Island Skies ☀️💖
During alpha testing, we'll kick things off with a blend of spring and summer to best test the first minutes of gameplay, and core features like farming! We plan to introduce more seasons in the future as testing and development move forward! Making each season feel unique and immersive is a major goal of ours. You can expect visual effects like snowflakes, raindrops, wind, and more! Of course, we'll have to be careful to balance what changes and what stays the same season to season, keeping things interesting while avoiding confusion or disorientation! What’s your favorite season? 🥳🍂

🌧️🌾 Weather 🌾🌧️

Our goal is for players to experience diverse weather types in PuffPals Island Skies! We want the weather to invoke the same emotion weather brings in real life. But no hurricanes or tornadoes here—we believe the atmosphere should be calm and tranquil, not scary or destructive (😳). Weather will play a role in farming and other mechanics, adding an extra layer of interest to PuffPals: Island Skies! We will share more in the later stages of game development! 🥰💖


🥳📆 Events and Holidays 📆🥳

We want you to experience special events tailored to each season. Whether they’re cozy harvest festivals or spring celebrations, we hope to include something for every season! Our goal is for these events and holidays to have a tangible impact on gameplay, presenting players with exciting opportunities, unique quests, and rewarding experiences. 📬💚


🍂📝 Development 📝🍂

We're currently working on laying the foundation for all of these mechanics in PuffPals: Island Skies, and we'll continue to update you as things progress! With the arrival of a fresh season, we hope that we can immerse you in the world of Island Skies! 👀❄️


Now let’s play Would You Rather… seasons edition!! ⬇️

Fluff and Love,


The Fluffnest Team


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