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Heather Burke

I’m in love with Bowie!! She is just so cute! I have no complaints at all she’s perfect!!! The shipping time was accurate and the products I received are high quality!! Although I wish I was able to pre order, since I ordered in Canada I couldn’t get the puffpal I originally wanted, besides that tho it is amazing!! I’m a very happy customer, I bought three for friends and now I definitely will have to order some for myself!!

Fluffier than expected

We are still thinking up the unique name for him, he's lovely and will keep us a company during these hard times.

I love my lopsided boy 🥺

I won Bowie from one of the Twitch giveaways David & Lily hosted (go check out fluffnest's Twitch btw) and received him in just a week, he's so perfect! He's soft and fluffy and perfectly hug sized for me 💖 I call him my lopsided boy because one of his ears is a little funky (maybe it's the stuffing or the pattern? not sure!) but he looks so cute either way!!! His stuffing is firm - as it's the old stuffing - but it's much more fun to cuddle him because of it. I'm sad he won't be restocked or I'd buy one myself for my boyfriend! 🥺🥰

Mighty Bowie!

Blanche, Edison, Bowie, Toby, and Tillie arrived today to accompany the beans! Once again they're of a lovely quality. I just about squealed with joy when I saw them. Would definitely recommend to anyone that loves plushies or cuteness. I am a very happy customer and will definitely be returning for more!

Love Bowie

The cutest design. One of my favorite stuffed animals. His fur is very soft, but the stuffing is a little firm. I read the company is going to use a new soft stuffing, so that’s great! Still cuddly and holds his shape when I squish him, so I don’t mind! Bought the other fox as a gift for someone because they thought my fox was cute.